Problem Statement

Despite being experts in photography, our business was facing a major challenge in terms of attracting new clients and expanding our reach. We realized that our website was outdated and lacked the necessary appeal to showcase our skills and attract potential clients. We knew that we needed to revamp our online presence in order to stay competitive and capture the attention of our target audience. Without a significant change, we risked falling behind and losing potential clients to our competitors.

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Action Plan

To address our business expansion issue, we reached out to TDS, a professional web design agency with expertise in website design and development. TDS assigned a project manager, Brian, to work closely with us and gain a deep understanding of our specific needs and requirements.

The first step was for the TDS team to conduct a thorough analysis of our industry, including studying our competitors’ websites and identifying the latest trends in website design. Based on this analysis, they created a comprehensive action plan that outlined the design, development, and launch of a custom website that would elevate our online presence and attract potential clients.

Next, the TDS team collaborated with us to determine the specific features and functionality that we wanted to incorporate into the website. This included showcasing our portfolio, providing information on our services and rates, and creating a seamless user experience that would make it easy for potential clients to contact us.


Our Outcome

The outcome of the collaboration with TDS was outstanding. The revamped website had an intuitive and user-friendly interface, which enabled visitors to navigate effortlessly and find what they were looking for. The website was optimized for search engines and ranked higher in search results, which significantly increased our online visibility and attracted more traffic to our website.

The website’s fresh and modern design reflected our brand’s personality and enhanced our online reputation. The website’s improved functionality and aesthetics impressed our existing clients and potential clients, which generated positive word-of-mouth and referrals.

With the new website in place, we saw a significant increase in leads and conversions. The website’s call-to-action buttons were strategically placed, and the contact forms were optimized, which resulted in a higher conversion rate. Our social media presence also improved, and we saw an increase in engagement and followers.







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