Creating a website requires dedication, and the website designer to learn about the unique principles of design.

More than 80% of visitors won't visit your website again if they don’t find the website alluring.

You know, your website is the heart of your online presence, and it’s the first impression that cages the audience. If it doesn’t attract the audience in the first place, you’re missing out on a really crucial point.

In this blog, we are going to discuss the top 10 web design tips that every website designer should read at least once in their life-time.

However, to attract an audience and bring in leads, you need to hire a professional web design agency that will understand your requirements, and bring you the best results.

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Top 10 Web Design Tips One Should Read At Least Once In 2024

In this section, we are going to learn about the compelling 10 web design tips that will help you take your business website to the top.

  • Make your web design reflect your business values
  • Your business website is the storefront for your target audience to come, and leave, creating a lasting impression.

    It’s really important for the website designers in Houston to work on the designs, and consider all the unique principles of design to bring out something amazing.

    From considering the layout of the website, to the optimal color selection, and other necessary points, it’s way too important to focus on the wireframes first before rendering them to the development phase.

    Most of the website developers don't pay attention to the layout, and start with the development that results in failure.

    So, the first web design tip is to work on the web design and see that it reflects the brand's vision, and mission.

    If you’re selling medical equipment in different states of the United States, then, it’s necessary for the website designer to consider creating a website that has modern images, red or blue color that represents the medical industry.

    Simply, they have to understand the customer's buying cycle, and work on the design later. This will give them a better understanding of ‌website design and development – serving as the best web design tip any website designer would ever receive.

  • Creating a clean or modernized Homepage
  • The second web design tip out of the 10 is to start designing the homepage of the website.

    You should train the website designers working within the team to create a clean homepage with simple layouts, avoid making it cluttered.
    post image

    A Lot of images and videos will make the website look uglier, and the visitors will not even prefer to proceed further with other pages.

    Instead of adding all the pages beneath the menu and interlinking them it’s better to just add a snippet of the core services on the main page. In this way, you will create an effective homepage layout, and will include all the necessary information on it.

    You will keep your website away from any cluttered information, and this practice will lead to an easy-to-navigate website.

    This is another most important web design tip that any senior designer would guide you. Keep on reading the blog, as you’re going to explore more exciting ideas.

    We did this for one of our clients, JL Law, and to be honest, they simply loved the website.

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  • Create a functional website navigation
  • The third web design tip is to work on ‌ functional website navigation that tends to help users go from one to another in a seamless manner.

    Your website navigation should be so sleek and instant that ‌users don’t have to wait for 5 seconds for a page to be loaded.

    Mostly when the target audience coming to your website are looking for any information on your website, they use the simple navigation. They want ‌people to find the right number of pages without any extra effort.

    Therefore, work on the seamless website navigation creation, and make sure that it’s simple. You should create a heading and then, sub-headings, which includes the inner pages that will be linked to the parent pages.

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TDS, a well-known El Paso web design agency, has implemented the simple web design navigation.

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  • Response Web Design
  • Another most important tip for a responsive web design is to work on the responsive behavior of the website.

    According to research, more than 73.1% of web designers believe that a non-responsive design is the top reason visitors leave a website.

    Responsive web design is extremely important because that’s how you can evolve the audience to your website.

    They won’t go to someone else if they find all the information on your website, and it seems to be the same on all devices.

    For instance, if your user opens the website on mobile phones rather than a desktop device then, it should appear the same. If not, then 100% of your website is not responsive.

    Hence, another most important web design tip is to work on the responsive behavior of your website.

  • Making your website easy to skim
  • Most of your target audience are coming to your website to get ‌specific information. So, your website should have clear information placed on the website, minimizing the research time of the users.

    You need to create a web design that makes it easier for ‌users to skim through pages. It’s really important for them to find the information quickly.

    Your website designer should make the skimming process easier, and allow the audience to skim through the website in seconds.
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    In the home page banner, the information is quite easier to pick up. It’s to the point, and the users can get the intent of the information really quick. Here are some web design tips that will help you create ‌easy-to-understand content for your web pages:

    • Write a smaller paragraph
    • Users can easily skim through the information from the website if it's written in smaller phrases.

    • Use pictorial information
    • You can try to choose pictorial information instead of using textual information to attract a larger audience.

    • Choose a easy-to-understand font
    • Always try to use easy-to-understand fonts for your website. It’s the most important and critical web design tips that any website manager can share with you.

  • Include visual elements on the website
  • Another web design tip that we are going to elaborate further is including visual elements on the website rather than including anything else.

    Visual elements play a vital role in attracting new audiences, and they are more interested in reading the information through infographics rather than reading long paragraphs.

    So you can include client testimonials in video pattern, or reviews in picture format to attract the audience, and bring in their attention.

    You would be amazed to know that 83% of people prefer watching videos to accessing instructional or informational content via text or audio.

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    Once your target audience interacts with the videos, there are certain chances that they will stay on the website. In this way, you’re keeping them engaged, and what’s better than a pop-up contact form right after the video is finished?

  • Don’t forget to add social media sharing buttons
  • The web design tip that we are going to discuss below is about attaching social media buttons on the website like, WhatsApp, Instagram, or Facebook page link through which the users can access the information and get desired results.

    post image

    Those buttons should move throughout the website because in this way they’re going to interact with the customer representative at any stage of the page.

    Whether it’s the easy awareness stage, engage, or delight stage, the audience will interact with the people and share their business ideas directly in the message box.

    These are direct queries that should be answered instantly.

  • Are you missing the CTAs?
  • One of the greatest web design tips that we are going to explain to you is regarding the CTAs that should be placed on the website.

    These are direct lead-generation ways by which you can attract more leads, and take action against them.

    If the lead is warm, then the next step is to send them an email whereas, if it’s not then, work on the lead and mature it.

    By placing the CTAs button in the right place, you’re capturing the lead at the right time.

    post image

  • Test all of your pages
  • The last web design tip that we are going to give ‌you is, test all of your pages, and make sure that they’re working the same on all devices.

    The pages should be interactive, and intuitive for the users to spend quality time. It’s a great way to create a website that works for the target market.

    You can even do a bit of competitor analysis to learn about the competitors, and see what’s missing in your website design.

    By testing the website, you will get the issues which can be resolved to bring in something more interactive.

  • Don’t forget to hire TDS
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